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Power Electronics Lab

Power Electronics Lab
Power Electronics Lab
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Product Description

Power Electronics Lab

STUDY OF SCR CHARACTERISTICS  Or (Mosfet Characteristics) (LGS PE-1)
The set up comes in to parts with provision for high voltage variable power supply (0 to 500 volts), 0 to 10 volts with voltmeter and provision for gate current measurement, anode current measurement in the range of 0 to 10 mA.

The part (A) houses variable power supply and part B provides facility to connect various SCR or MOSFET,diac,triac,IGBT along with load. Various characteristics of the device with measurement of latching current, holding current for SCR can be performed. STUDY OF SCR FIRING CIRCUITS: (LGS PE-2)
Study of SCR firing circuits can be done with the help of five methods namely
i) Basic D.C. firing circuit.
ii) Resistance firing circuit.
iii) R-C phase shift-firing circuit.
iv) Ramp and pedestal with anti parallel connected SCRs circuit.

Scope of supply:
This set up having top anodized plate, with printed circuit diagrams, includes ammeter & voltmeter for load current & voltage measurement.

Panel Dimensions:

1. 61cm(L) 40cm W), 10cm(H)
2. Panel provision
3. Facility for observation of waveforms on C.R.O.
4. Provision for varying firing angle of SCRs.
5. Load control facility.
6. Appropriate test points are provided on panel.